Online: SuperBrain With Olga Vita

Olga Vita is a Health Coach, Wellbeing Consultant and Biotherapist. In Super Brain, we will talk about various ways you can restore brain function after physical or emotional traumas, as well as ways to upgrade a normal brain to super brain status.


This brief workshop is designed for those who want to increase the speed and quality of their decision-making, improve memory and emotional stability, lift brain fog, and raise neuroplasticity.


Have you heard of a leaky gut? Guess what, the brain can get leaky, too. Luckily, there are ways to slow down and even reverse the process to get your quick, sharp mind back. Some Super Brain hacks are delicious (e.g. smart soup or smart chocolate truffles), others are fun (e.g.neurobics games or grounding).


We are proud to host this event as part of the Hive Hong Kong’s Virtual Wellness Month. Please reserve your spot at the link below and be sure to check out all our other events this month!

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